'IO_Dencies' (1998) is a project by Knowbotic Research +cF which transposes urban questions from the real, physical space into a virtual, experimental field in the electronical data networks. It was shown at DEAF98.


Knowbotic Research +cF: IO_Dencies

The project "IO_dencies -- Questioning Urbanity" deals with the possibilities of agency, collaboration and construction in translocal and networked environments. The project looks at urban settings in different megacities, analyzes the forces present in particular local urban situations, and offers experimental interfaces for dealing with these local force fields. Cities like Tokyo and Sao Paolo were chosen to bring about a confrontation between different cultural environments which suggest specific interrelations between traditional ways of building, economic and political conditions, and electronic communication structures.

IO_Dencies by Knowbotic Research +cF (1998) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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