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Related Items - live cinema in motion #5 Nov 02, 2002

With live performances by Joshua Kit Clayton and Susan Costabile (USA) "Interruption" and the ...


Enio Ramalho aka Eni-Less (NL) is a DJ.

Make Belief / Kurt's Brain

"Make Belief / Kurt's Brain" is a feature film project by Captain Video.

Ovil Bianca

Ovil Bianca is a project by Tim Wijnant.

TCW 23

TCW 23 is Arthur Ivens (NL). - live cinema in motion #1 Jan 30, 2002

A "live cinema" program, in the context of the IFFR, with COH & Telco Systems and KODI & Tappo ...

Arthur Ivens

Arthur Ivens (NL) is an artist.

Susan Costabile

Susan Costabile (US) is is a photographer and video artist. - live cinema in motion #4 Sep 28, 2002

With live performances by eni-less & TCW 23 (NL) and Ontayso (B); and the video presentation ...

game of mobile forces

"game of mobile forces" (2001) is a software project by Anton Aeki, Joris Cool and Anouk de Clercq ... - live cinema in motion #3 Jun 22, 2002

With live performances by Semiconductor and game of mobile forces, followed by the screening of ...


Tuk is a project of Belgian Guillaume Graux.

Felix Kubin

Felix Kubin (DE) is an audioartist.


"Nanoloop" is a minimalistic electronic music program for handheld platforms.

Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov (SE/RU) is COH.


Radian is a collective.

more ...
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