Kurort was a research project by Angelika Oei and René Verouden.


Kurort prototype

Angelika Oei and V2_Lab worked on the creation of a series of prototypes heading towards the production of a large scale performance /interactive media installation work.

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The health spa phenomenon known as 'Kurort' traditionally offers visitors the possibility for mental / physical relaxation and recuperation in a sensual healing environment. In this interactive technology augmented version of 'Kurort', Oei and Verouden propose to create a space for relaxing the mind and recuperating memory. KURORT will be a collection of interconnected spaces that the visitor can browse and explore; each space is designed for a unique interactive experience. KURORT will also have a 'mind of its own'; a synthetic identity called Lizzie that will reside in the complex digital system. Lizzie will sense the presence of each visitor and is designed to analyze the information she receives to communicate (more than simply react) in a unique way with each visitor through alternation of the environment (i.e. light and temperature), sound, projected image and dynamic tactile objects.

KURORT will be structured using various theatrical and choreographic methods for composition, methods of envisioning derived of visual arts and scenographic construction, generation of narratives and meaning, energizing space and shaping time. Creating the technology for generating the interactive communication experience is complex. Therefore the work will be developed in a series of modular prototypes that will test various aspects of the system, simulating some elements of the machine interaction where necessary. While drawing on ideas from the traditional performing arts, KURORT will not create a traditional performance situation, but will manifest a new form of 'virtual' art based on generating individualized unique experiences for each visitor. This will involve the extensive technological knowledge and facilities of V2_Lab; but will also engage collaborators from the fields of cognitive science, architecture, music composition, etc. to work together towards the success of the project. A residence at the The Banff Center for the Arts in Canada is planned.



To develop a ground breaking installation that successfully integrates interactive sensor, tracking and computer technology in innovative ways in the creation of a 'virtual' environment and a synthetic identity that is able to communicate and express in forms of subjective human experience, such as thinking, feeling and mood. Through this project the artists strive for increased awareness amongst arts practitioners, new media technology artists, engeneers and scientific researchers of the potential for close collaborations. Through a wide distribution a strong addition to the critical discourse in this area will hopefully be achieved. Target Group Main target group for the installation will be audiences for art and theatre and new audiences including visitors drawn to new technology and the interactive digital media arts. It is also anticipated that the project will attract scientists interested in studying new forms of social behavior in interactive environments. V2_Lab has recently started co-developing two related projects. The first one, DAMPF, stands for Dance Media Performance Fusion. The main purpose of DAMPF is the development and production of new forms of choreographic and theatrical artistic expression through the effective integration of new interactive technologies with the performing arts. The project Kurort by Angelika Oei and Rene Verouden is part of DAMPF.

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