Lied van mijn land

"Lied van mijn land: Het rijngoud" (1986) is a Wagner adaptation by Frank and Koen Theys.

Lied van mijn land

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Lied van mijn land was a joint effort by Koen and Frank Theys, and is based on one of Wagner's most famous operas, Ring des Nibelungen. The theme of this opera is power, a concept symbolised by the Rhinegold, after which the first part of the opera is named. The Rhinegold falls into the hands of the dwarf Alberich, who then makes the rest of the population his slave. In their version, Koen and Frank Theys replace the gold with the image, so that Alberich's power is based on how many depictions the dwarf is able to reproduce in his factory. The workers who reproduce the images, but have no say in their content, are swamped with visual impressions and are to a certain extent indoctrinated, which is Theys' way of showing how the media influence the consumer by way of publicity.


Het Rijngoud (The Rhinegold), video (U-Matic) colour, sound, 85min, 1986


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