"[m]" is a light installation by Martin Schitter.

The light installation [m] is formed by a network of light sensors and guided spotlights positioned in a closed, dark space, all of which are connected through a computer interface. The spots are directed at the sensors, which through the computer's parameters in turn cause the lights to be dimmed. On the basis of the internal laws of the technical system and its cybernetic models, the light in the space is held in a continuous, unstable oscillation. [m] visualises and reflects on the relationship between architecture and computer, on cybernetic principles as artistic interfaces, and on the psycho-acoustic manipulation of space.

The appearance of the space is purely based on the logical description of the steering system that influences the network of light sources and sensors. This set-up would theoretically make it possible to include other media sources which would also be influenced by its self-determining dynamic. Here, however, it only uses stage lights and frees these from their usual, ancillary function, making them the main players of the installation.

Realized with the support of Robert Schultz, Volker Christian, Katharina Binder, Werner Jauk, Gerald Schreilechner, and the Forum Stadtpark Graz/Austria.

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