Maximum Power II

Maximum Power II (2015) is an installation by Bastian Hoffmann

Maximum Power II

Maximum Power II, installation view, EG-Null, Raum für junge Kunst, Generali Köln

Objects, events and characteristics of everyday life as well as mental manipulations, play a key role in the work of Cologne-based artist, Bastian Hoffmann. The resulting pieces of work are products of the experimental search for the unknown possibilities of a given object or thought. The process of removing these ‘things’ from their respective context makes it possible to find out more about their individual foundation and origin. Maximum Power II is part of a series of visual utopias, which are based on formal pencil sketches. The subsequent artistic process – using classic sculptural methods – opens up a playful discourse with the dual relationship between idea/utopia and production.

You see a car, covered in a stream of water. You hear the faint splashing.


Maximum Power II from bastian hoffmann on Vimeo.

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