Mirror Piece

The mirror version (2010) of the work "Physiognomic Scrutinizer" by Marnix de Nijs (NL). [Work distributed by V2_Agency]

Mirror Piece is a mirror version of Marnix de Nijs’ previous work Physiognomic Scrutinizer. Equipped with biometric video analyzing software, the installation scans facial features and characteristics of anyone looking into its mirror, and compares them to those of more than 250 preselected people in a database. The database includes a variety of famous individuals and contributors to our contemporary culture, all chosen because of their controversial or infamous acts. A computerized voice publicly announces the name of the person each viewer has been identified as, in a confrontational reminder that the steady increase in the use of biometric technology in public space should be viewed with a healthy skepticism.

Mirror Piece can also be ordered as a customized version or in a multiple system. It is not restricted to the design, size or the materials as shown in the above image. For example it could also be presented in a public space, using shopping or OTHER windows and mirror foil. 


Co-produced by V2_Lab.

Interactive installation with custom hardware and software, mirror, aluminium frame.  
Contact us for more information on pricing and for the technical requirements of the work. 
Detailed information is available on installation, space requirements and shipping.

Mirror Piece by Marnix de Nijs (2010) from V2_ on Vimeo.

also on Vimeo, Mirror Piece by Marnix de Nijs



Bouillants Festival, France, 21.04.2012-22.05.2012
Mois Multi 13, Quebec (CA), 01.02.2012-29.02.2012
Sonar OFFFmatica, Barcelona (ES), 10.06.2011-19.06.2011
Donaufestival, Krems Donau (AT), 28.04.2011-07.05.2011
Clash, Groningen (NL), 24.04.2011

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