Modell zur Visualisierung

"Modell zur Visualisierung" (2001) is a project by Carsten Nicolai.

Modell zur Visualisierung

Modell zur Visualisierung

This project enables the visualization of sound based on the impact of magnetic fields on an electronic beam. The sound-track, crafted specifically for this project, comprises of a precise constellation of sine waves. A coil within the electron diffraction tube receives these frequencies, converting them into a  magnetic field whose impact becomes visible in the form of the modulation of a blue electronic beam. This phenomenon is reminiscent of utopian experiments of the past that tried to combine the elements light and sound. Carsten Nicolai uses electronic sound and visual art as a hybrid tool to create his own microscopic view of creative processes.

electron diffraction tube, magnetic field, coil, cd player, cd, amplifier, loudspeakers, light table, dimension variable
light table: Libra Art Collection,
Courtesy: Gallery EIGEN + ART, Leipzig/Berlin

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