Morphing Machinery

"Morphing Machinery" (2007) is an interactive installation by Graham Smith. It was shown at the DEAF07 exhibtion.

Morphing Machinery

Morphing Machinery

Morphing Machinery explores the world of nanotechnology, and takes as it thematic foundation a new urban landscape filled with transforming machines and architectural forms in motion. Just as plants grow and alter their structures over time our machines, buildings and environments may in the future reconfigure themselves based on environmental and programming influences. Our cities will then become alive in a real sense as they will change and evolve in ways that more resemble the growth in a forest.

This project is a collaboration between the artist, Willem de Kooning Academie students and Cybercity Ruhr

CYBERCITY RUHR, Anja Bardey, Christina Smith, Graham Smith
Instructors: Rob Dielissen, Robbert Smit, Graham Smith
WDKA Students: Joost Bakkes, Michael Baks, Rick van den Berg, Suzan Dahmen, Noel Deelen , Elisabeth van Dijke, Mathijs van Geest, Teun de Graaf, Annemarie Hooghuis, Tarek Khalel, Dico Kruijsse, Sandy Mendes, Jero van Niewkoop, Erik Overmeire, Sander van der Pol, Afshin Shahidi, Dander Struik, Martine Taks, Hiko Uenura, Quin de vreede, Mariska Vogel, Lee Wessels, Kris van der Werve, Weronika Zielinski

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