Moscow WWWArt Centre

An initiative of Alexei Shulgin Moscow WWWArt Centre (1995) was an online arts gallery.

Moscow WWWArt Centre

Moscow WWWArt Centre

Founded in 1995, Moscow WWWArt Centre was one of the first internet art galleries on the European continent. Its focus was mainly on Russian artists working with the internet as an artistic medium.

Short text by Alexei Shulgin: "Putting artists online"

Eastern European Art scene, as is known is characterised by historical separation and geographical remoteness (especially in case of Russia) from established centres of contemporary art / culture. Artists here live and work in conditions, completely different from those in the West. Lack of cultural institutions and state/private support, poor communications with the international art world on one hand bring a lot of challenge and sincerity (almost completely lost in western part of the world) into artist's motivations. But on the other, many interesting ideas, projects and exhibitions remain underestimated, don't become an integral part of the international culture process.

One of the most essential aims of Moscow WWWArt Centre therefore is to follow local art scene and to put the most interesting projects / art works (especially those that easily fit the internet format) on-line, giving to artists, originally confined by their life and work circumstances, a possibility of much broader international audience.

During the last months Moscow WWWArt Centre has produced internet presentations of various projects / art works of Moscow artists. Some of them, like "All for Sale" by Aliona Martinova (http://sunsite.cs.msu.su/wwwart/aliona) or "Contemporary Art Workshop" (http://sunsite.cs.msu.su/wwwart/caw) have attracted a lot of response from the international net audience.

Moscow WWWArt Centre was originally online at http://sunsite.cs.msu.su/wwwart

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