"Obstruction" (2012) is a work-in-progress by Po-Ting Lee, in collaboration with Maartje Dijkstra.


video still

Due to a congenital disease,
I need blood transfusions to live.
About 80% of my blood is not made by myself.
I can’t balance my physiological functioning by myself.
So I must receive blood transfusions regularly.
I need to refresh my red blood regularly;
but I will also be damaged during the transfusions.
But this is the only way that I can live.

I am observing our living environment through my body.

We are living in a time of media and technology,
every day, there are big changes in technology.
Cell phones becomes smart phones,
which we need to scan QR codes.
Technology changes faster & faster,
and we are forced to renew ourselves.
People think that the new technology must be better than the old,
but we can’t use new softwares without new systems,
We are giving up the way we used to live,
while we are forced to choose between ever fewer options;

There are two sides to one coin.


Obtruction by Po-Ting Lee (2012) from V2_ on Vimeo.

The residency of Po-Ting Lee is part of a collaboration between V2_Lab and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

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