Oil Compass

"Oil Compass" (2011) is an interactive data visualization tool developed by Kasia Molga (UK), co-produced by V2_Lab.

Oil Compass

Oil Compass (2011) at Translife; photo: Alex Adriaansens

Oil Compass explores the potential of the future effects of oil spills on oceans through the convergence of past records with present real-time data. Sey Min and Kasia Molga attempt to envision possible future response for the novel oil spill cleaning technology called Protei: a swarm of autonomous sailing robots that would monitor and clean up oil spills.

Through examining other factors such as changes in fish migration or death and disappearance of certain insects and birds from the affected coastlines, Min and Molga visually conceptualize long-term consequences on the whole planet and human kind. Visitors are invited to navigate through the major areas affected by oil spills around the globe through the interactive installation of screens to explore the diversity of the problem. Can we really connect with the complex subject of oil spills and understand its environmental impact? Based on real-time and real-life updates Oil Compass evokes a sense of urgency to the visitors.

Oil Compass by Kasia Molga (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.


Also on Vimeo: "Oil Compass" from toni nottebohm


Additional credit for sound: Richard Bierhuizen

Oil Compass is part of the exhibition Translife, Media Art China, 2011, International Triennial of New Media Art: http://mediartchina.org

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