One Sheep Sweater

"One Sheep Sweater" (2010) by Christien Meindertsma is exactly that.

One Sheep Sweater

One Sheep Sweater; photo: Roel van Tour

The appearance of freshly shorn wool tells a lot about the animal it belonged to. The production process of woolen clothing obscures this information in the end product however, as the wool of many different animals is combined to produce, for instance, a sweater. Consequently, a sweater bears no obvious relationship with the source of its raw material, the animal(s) who have provided the wool. One-Sheep Sweater reestablishes this relationship through the knitting of individual sweaters out of the wool of one single sheep. For DEAF2012, Meindertsma has produced five new sweaters out of wool from five merino sheep belonging to the only such flock in the Netherlands. The exhibition shows the five sheep before and after shearing, their wool after washing, and the final result: five one-sheep sweaters.


shearing, washing and spinning from Christien Meindertsma on Vimeo


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