Optic Nerves

Later called "Static Transit - Optic Nerves" is an installation-performance by Alex Adriaansens, Joke Brouwer, and Barry Schwartz, which took place July 19-21, 1991 during the Zomerfestijn in Amsterdam.

Optic Nerves

by Peter Cox


On an abandoned railway area of the Dutch Railwaycompany, an installation/performance will be presented in three train vans.  The transition of the mechanical- to the information age is put central. Through the mechanical transport, in which the hour and the mile keep things surveyable, to the transport in electronic space were the speed of light dissolves time and space. Here we are confronted with chaos and dispersion.

Through the physical, prompt way of performance of Barry Schwartz, who uses mechanical phenomenas as the shrinking and expanding of metal under the influence of dry-ice and liquid nitrogen, to the deconstructed vans of Alex Adriaansens and Joke Brouwer, vans in which rags of text, images and sounds, taken from the electronic space, are performed. A transition and confrontation of two areas, presented through videoprojections, t.v monitors, cameras, satellite t.v, "optic nerves" (naked screens which can be moved over cables) and Barry Schwartz his physical presence.





Optic_Nerves_01 Optic_Nerves_05Optic_Nerves_11  Optic_Nerves_09   Optic_Nerves_07





Static Transit by Joke Brouwer, Alex Adriaansens and Barry Schwartz (1991) from V2_ on Vimeo.


Installation/performance by Alex Adriaansens, Joke Brouwer, Barry Schwartz

Zomerfestijn July 19-21, 1991

Javakade (harbor east), Amsterdam


Production Team

technics: V2_ audio-visueel, Jan van den Wielen

sound engineer: Koen van Oosterhout

Light: Edward Bartholomew

Video: V2_ audio-visueel, Lise Swenson, Barry Schwartz, Alex Adriaansens, Joke Brouwer

Photography: Peter Cox

Crew: Sjoerd Wagenaar, Ruud Akse, Joyce Guley, Tamara van der Houten

Tom Hegglin, Zoë Vivina, Lilly Hotchkins, Eugenie den Uyl, Val


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