Permanent Flux

Permanent Flux (1999) is a CD-Rom featuring sound-image works and lectures.

Permanent Flux

Permanent Flux (archive)

This CD-Rom was published in 1999, some of the contributors have presented at V2_ at various occasions.

[Publicity text]

Music for the eye, painting for the ear! Multimedia expression is a phenomenon in a state of permanent change, permanent movement... Permanent Flux.

Clavecin oculaire - Dada - lumigraph - video art - Fluxus - synthesizers - VR - Gesamtkunstwerk - Gesamtdatenwerk. Many voices proclaiming one text: the desire for new worlds, new ways of expression and experience.

Did multimedia art really bring something new into the world? Did the borders between art forms really crumble under the force of new technologies? And which is now the position of multimedia art towards technological progress, towards conventional art, towards society?

Against a floating background of statements in celluloid or pixels, fragile masterpieces and sturdy manifestos, four multimedia insiders will render their perspective on past, present and especially the future of multimedia art: Laurie Anderson (multimedia artist, New York), Frans Evers director at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague), Paul Garrin (media activist and co-operator of video artist Nam June Paik) and Siegfried Zielinski (media archaeologist and director at the Kunsthochschule für die Medien, Köln).

The complete text and audio of four lectures has been integrated into a multimedia concept of movement, flow and flux. The texts are accessible as linear texts, but also as a semantic architecture where the next speaker picks up a subject where the first one has left it. Radio fragments, absolute film and technotrance clips are supporting their words. Interactive situations are commenting on their sentences. Sounds and visions from the 20th century will blend into a collage where opinions, surmises and feelings will supplement or oppose each other. In the centre: the visions of four people, whose stances vary from reflective stock-taking to polictical credos - a mirror image of the dimensions that have been explored within multimedia art this century.

Permanent Flux is made for the Balie Foundation Amsterdam Yariv Alter Fin, Brigitte Bélanger, Bellissima, Nobby van Gisbergen, Peter Kroon, Bastiaan Lips, Sjoera Nas, Nirit Peled, Ingrid Plante, Alfred Rademaker, Marjolijn Ruyg, Remon Tijssen and Jaap Verdenius and with the assistance of many, many others.

Archive footage includes a.o. images from works of Laurie Anderson, Adolphe Appia, Luis Buñuel, Georges Bataille, Joseph Beuys, Henri Chomette, Jean Cocteau, Le Corbusier, Eugene Deslaw, Marcel Duchamp, Viking Eggeling, Oskar Fischinger, Loïe Fuller, Paul Garrin, Wassili Kandinsky, Knowbotic Research, Fernand Leger, Nam June Paik, Daniel Pflumm, Prince, Man Ray, Dick Raaijmakers, Walter Ruttmann, Andrej Skrjabin, Steven Spielberg, Stelarc, Edgar Varèse, Dziga Vertov and Richard Wagner.


[Publicity text of the official launch at De Balie]

Official Launch of the CD ROM Permanent Flux - past, present and future of multimedia art

De Balie, Amsterdam,
Friday September 17, 1999

In the CD-ROM Permanent Flux four multimedia insiders (Laurie Anderson, Siegfried, Paul Garrin and Frans Evers) render their perspective on past, present and future of multimedia art. A favourite and crucial episode from the history of multimedia art is the starting point for each presentation. Their lectures, originally spoken in front of a live audience, are supported by audio fragments, radio broadcasts, absolute film, technotrance clips and many other examples and highlights. The texts are accessible as linear text, but also as a semantic architecture in which a lecturer picks up a subject where the other one has left it. From the musical and theatrical innovations between 1850 and 1917 to experimental film and radio during the twenties, from Fluxus, video and synthesisers from the sixties and seventies to Laurie Anderson talking about her performances and computer art in the nineties, Permanent Flux offers a wide range of perspectives on the various explorations of multimedia artists during the last century. It shows what has remained the same and what links for example Wagners Gesamtkunstwerk to the VJ's of our days: the desire for new worlds, new ways of expression and experience. Among the examples from the history of multimedia that are presented on Permanent Flux are works by Nam June Paik, Knowbotic Research, Andrej Skriabin, Luis Bunuel, Fernand Leger, Oskar Fischinger, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Dziga Vertov and Richard Wagner.

The CD-ROM Permanent Flux is, however, much more than a mere documentation of the lectures and the historical materials, presented here in image and sound. Permanent Flux is above all an investigation into the dynamics of multimedia-interfaces. The design team explored four different trajectories of how the information flow contained within the CD-ROM can be navigated.

On Friday September 17th the CD-ROM will be launched with a special public program at De Balie in Amsterdam. During the evening a series of multimedia reviews of Permanent Flux will illustrate the opinions of Jaap Drupsteen, Heiner Holtappels, Ine Poppe, Edwin van der Heide, Willem de Ridder, Willem Velthoven, and others, about this production.

Permanent Flux was made for De Balie by: Yariv AlterFin, Bastiaan Lips, Marjolijn Ruyg, Jaap Verdenius, Nirit Peled, Dave Hemminga, Alfred Rademakers, Nobby van Grinsbergen, Peter Kroon and many others.

About our protagonists:

Laurie Anderson: multimedia artist
Siegfried Zielinski: media-archaeologist and founding rector of the Academy
for Media Art in Cologne
Paul Garrin: media artist & activist, and former assistant of Nam June Paik
Frans Evers: professor at the Royal Music Academy in The Hague

Permanent Flux, past, present and future of multimedia art
Laurie Anderson, Siegfried Zielinski , Paul Garrin , Frans Evers
ISBN 90 6617 220 7
NUGI 912
Cd-rom (Mac & Windows)
Price: DFL 39,95



This work is tagged as 'deaf98', probably because it was shown as work in progress in the Digital Dive programme of DEAF98.

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