Perpendicular Cinema

"Perpendicular Cinema" (2011) is an installation by Julien Maire (FR).

Perpendicular Cinema

Perpendicular Cinema; photo: Alexandre Causin

Julien Maire’s work operates at the intersection of installation, performance and media art. In his artworks and performances, Julien Maire systematically re-invents the technology of visual media. His research is a manifest hybrid between media-archeology and the production of new media. The output usually consists of prototypes that are at the same time radical and archaic. In the installation Perpendicular Cinema 48 mirrors controlled by servo motors and custom software reflect and present found footage, questioning current visual conventions and visual strategies in the digital era.

Produced by DOCK Berlin e.V. and supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
Electronics by Sukandar Kartadina, software by Yacine Sebdi, construction assistance by Jana Linke .


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