In "polar" by Marko Peljhan and Carsten Nicolai, each participant is expected to individually investigate the unknown and seamless environment by relating to each visible, tactile and audible element in the space/time.


Marko Peljhan and Carsten Nicolai: polar

The word "polar" defines primarily two opposite ends, +(plus) and -(minus). but in the case of this work the question about research methods and their materialisation in today's information environment are the primary field of interest; how humans can approach unknown environments as in e.g. a polar probe. The aim of polar is to have inquirers themselves trying to find out how the following fields are interrelated: sensory visible information (such as microorganisms), formation and changing process of invisible information (such as sound), and collecting keywords related to the "polar" knowledge base from the internet (called "dictionary," an intelligent information search system) which is totally different from the former two types of information and directly embedded in the matrix.


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