Radioscape IV

Radioscape is an immersive electromagnetic environment (2004) by Edwin van der Heide.

Radioscape IV

CBK Dordrecht, 2010

Radioscape is an immersive environment that redefines the radio medium, establishing a new bodily relationship to the medium and adding a new layer to a region of a city. Fifteen custom developed radio transmitters are distributed over a part of a city. Each transmitter is transmitting one layer of a 'meta-composition'. The audience uses a custom developed receiver that is able to mix the (received) signals from the individual transmitters and receive multiple signals simultaneously.

The participants explore and interact with the composition by navigating through the urban environment. By navigating the city the audience generates their own sonic order, combinations and timing of the composition. By interacting with the environment the visitors become 'inhabitants' of the organized transmitted signals. The visitors reorganize the area and assign new meanings to places.



15 custom developed radio transmitters, receivers, headphones.
Contact us for more information on pricing and for the technical requirements of the work.
Detailed information is available on installation, space requirements and shipping.




Radioscape IV from Edwin van der Heide on Vimeo.

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