Interfacing/Radiotopia/Keyworx is a collaborative project by Rupert Huber (A) and Sher Doruff (USA/NL).


August Black, Rupert Huber, Norbert Math: Radiotopia

After entering the hallway that leads from V2_ to Scapino next door, you will find yourself in two spaces: one that has no images but only sound, and one that has no sound and only images. These spaces are connected both physically and via the Internet. The sound in the audio space is mixed live by musicians and is then converted into images in the other space. Artists from all over the world were asked to send in material to fill up a database that will be manipulated live by artists present at DEAF03 and also by artists participating on line. Visitors have free access to these live performances.

Interfacing/Radiotopia/Keyworx is a collaborative project by Rupert Huber (A) and Sher Doruff (USA/NL), assisted by L. Loos (NL), M. Teran (CDN), Isabelle Jenniches (USA) and E. Redlinger (USA).


Interfacing/Radiotopia/KeyWorx (DEAF03) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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