S8P Antennas, Transmission

A live video and sound performance by AE (CA) that includes evocative animations and a characteristic electronic soundscape, as well as documentary video footage about the visionary engineer Nikola Tesla.

S8P Antennas, Transmission

S8P Antennas, Transmission

One of the most notable performances of the festival was a film about the life of visionary inventor Nikola Tesla called S8P Antennas, Transmission. The film was made by AE, "a research and communication unit" comprised of two Montreal artists Gisèle Trudel and Stéphan Claude. The film was a stunning audiovisual marvel; an inventive use of the split screen (vertically, in half), with interviews, sounds, montage and computer graphics. The theme of the film was the visionary behind an innovator in wireless communications, altered consciousness, antennawork and more. The intention I think was to inspire awe in light of the Tesla's largely unacknowledged achievements. Some incredible scenarios, crisp sound and superb image quality and direction. I'm eager to see more from this innovative duo.

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