Web project (1996) by NOX for the V2_website, presented at DEAF96.


NOX: SoftSite (preview)

SoftSite: project description

Information on this website has been "grouped". Each program, project, artist or guest on the festival has been assigned a softscraper; their web-pages are enclosed in that softscraper. SoftSite is a city built from soft, horizontal skyscrapers: softscrapers who can twist and turn and grow, depending on the behavior of visitors of this website. Every node will be represented by such a softscraper. Activitity inside the web-pages of the node will result in a changing of the shape of it's softscraper. Get a view of the SoftSite here.

The architecture of this growing city in turn changes the interface of this website. Softscrapers have an order in this website. On all the softscrapers' pages you can see six of them in a row. Every time a softscraper get's related to another softscraper in the 3d-model, this softscraper appears next to the other in this row. Get a overview of the current structure of the website here.

The SoftSite city will be projected in public space during the festival, on the side of Nederlands Architectuur Instituut,, from 21.00 to 24.00hrs. For now, a program announcement of the SoftSite project is available.

Both public worlds, the Internet and the urban public space, are fused in SoftSite. SoftSite is a city built from soft, horizontal skyscrapers: softscrapers who can twist and turn and grow, depending on the behavior of visitors of the DEAF96 website. Every participating artist will be represented by such a softscraper through the DEAF96 website. The central computer will make this new city visible in two ways. On the one hand the twisting softscrapers form an ever changing interface for the DEAF96 site, on the other hand each change in the soft matter will be redrawn by the computer at regular intervals. In this way an animated "movie" of roughly half an hour is created which will be projected on a building at the Schouwburgplein. This projection will start with a familiar image of Rotterdam and over a period of two weeks this animation will show a city being displaced by a completely new fabric of softscrapers. A New Rotterdam like a melted down New York where skyscrapers crawl on the ground to continually establish new connections, unstable clusters that are constantly being informed by the activities of the inhabitants.

Buildings that do not as usual envelop events but an architecture which itself acts, and whose changing geometry is directly linked to behavior in a dynamic and interactive relationship.

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