"SoundCreatures" (1998) is an interactive online sound work designed by Koichirou Eto.


SoundCreatures: web interface

"SoundCreatures" is a work by Koichirou Eto co-produced with ARTLAB.

This work aims to explore a new form of art, by organizing communications via sound. Sound data are exchanged through a networked sound installation, which is influenced by visits from the Internet.

The composition of the work is based on the sound communication conducted between the Internet and the exhibition site linked in real-time. A participant can access the work from the Internet, and input visual patterns on web pages which will be transformed to multiple sound patterns. The sound patterns are networked to register on sound robots at the exhibition site.

At the site, the sound robots (loaded with speakers) move around in the space and exchange the registered sound data as if they were living creatures, while the entire sound environment slowly changes. One can simulate, in real-time, on web pages the robots' movements and changes in sound occurring at the site as well as add new sound patterns from web pages.

The work was part of the Digital Territories programme at DEAF98.

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