"SPARKS" (1999-2005) by ÆLAB is an experimental documentary series.


Sparks; aelab.com

Sparks is a modular video series comprised of five video capsules which finds its inspiration in the life of visionary inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

Sparks mixes documentary facts within a larger experimental genre with shifting perspectives which include interviews, autobiographical texts, animations, archival sources, metaphorical interpretations and original sound design.

Tesla and his time (1999, 7min): An overview of his life work and prodigious personality.
Colorado Springs (2005, 6min): The wireless transmission of electricity /energy.
Niagara Falls (2005, 5min): The war of the currents (AC vs. DC), and Edison's rivalry with Tesla.
Wardenclyffe (1999, 10min): Tesla's laboratory in Long Island, N.Y. where, in 1901, he tried to establish the basis for his 'World Broadcasting System.'
Tesla and the future (2005, 8min): The legacy of the inventor and a reflection on the perception of time.


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