BodySPIN, (Spherical Projection Interface) is an immersive environment by Time's Up. It was presented at Wiretap 7.1.

"Over the last few years Time's Up has assembled a variety of innovative devices, designed to help bridge the gap between virtual and physical environments. We are aiming for a close correlation between virtual and physical worlds. Even though we like the dinky glasses and the spacey helmets, we also find them a hindrance for our purposes. We want a most natural way to take our physical body into this world and use as many of its capabilities as possible. Thus SPIN, the Spherical Projection Interface.

SPIN is a three meter in diameter translucent sphere of rear-projected material, which is supported on bearings allowing it to roll in all directions. The walking movements of the person inside the sphere are registered by a trackball mounted below it and feed into a computer system. Information relating to the user's position data serves as parameters for navigation in a three-dimensional computer-generated world. This 3D world is projected onto the surface of the translucent sphere with 4-5 projectors.

The resultant immersion of the whole body in a virtual space enables a panorama view such as has never been seen before, while the user achieves an unconstrained freedom of movement in every direction by walking."

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SPIN by Time's Up (2001) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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