Submersive Cinema

"Submersive Cinema" is a work by Graham Smith.

Submersive Cinema

Submersive Cinema; from the collaboration with IMAX

The core concept behind the project is the realization of a way to de-contextualize video imagery for viewers so that they can view the image in a new and heightened way. By immersing the participant underwater in a weightless state people loose their sensation of a local environment and feel the work in a new and unique way.

Everyone who participated in the tests we did at ESA commented on the realism of the experience and experienced the sensation astronauts have called the Overview Effect. As part of Smith's research at ESA, he contacted astronaut Frank Mitchell (Apollo 14) who was the 6th person to walk on the moon and they talked about how it has proven quite difficult to communicate more than just a portion of this potentially revolutionary experience to people.

Submersive Cinema is a project which overcomes the physical barrier by providing people with a convincing, weightless simulation of this experience.



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