Telematic Dreaming

'Telematic Dreaming' (1992) is an interactive installation by Paul Sermon.

Telematic Dreaming

Paul Sermon: Telematic Dreaming

Telematic Dreaming was a telecommunication project by Paul Sermon in which the audience had to deal with two important aspects of telecommunication: physical presence and telepresence. The project could have taken place between two beds and bedrooms that could have been located hundreds of kilometres away from each other. Here, the two beds were just a few houses away from each other. The bed at V2_ was situated in the in the exhibition space of the Fifth Manifestation for the Unstable Media. Paul Sermon was in the other space, a block away from the V2_ building, were the other bed was located. With video cameras, a two-way interactive video and audio line was open.

The situation is set, the performance can begin. A person walks into the V2_ gallery space and s/he will be presented with a bed in the center of a dark large space where a video projection of Paul Sermon is being made on the bed at V2_. To get a better view of this projected image, one has to walk closer to the bed. When s/he comes close to the bed Paul Sermon - situated in the other space and lying on the bed - can see the audience approaching the bed at V2_ because of the two-way video system. He can make contact by offering a hand of reassurance and guidance to walk even closer towards the bed. The viewer might think s/he is watching a prerecorded tape being projected on the bed, but in that case the first voice contact can be made by Paul. The loudspeakers for voice contact are located under the pillows, so to have a close conversation one might as well go lying on the bed next to the projection of Paul Sermon. Now a vivid interaction between the telematic body and the viewer /audience can begin. The spectacle gets surreal and intimate as the projection of Paul is getting mixed with computer graphics and other images which make the whole situation very much like a virtual reality experience.

A few hours a day a live connection between the beds was made. During the other hours of the exhibition a videotape was shown of recordings made during this exhibition.

Telematic Dreaming by Paul Sermon (1993) from V2_ on Vimeo.


Telematic Dreaming - Projection Bed by Paul Sermon (1992) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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