The Dictator's Practical Internet Guide to Power Retention

Essential learning for every dictator: the 20-minute presentation by Laurier Rochon on people-control over the net.

The Dictator's Practical Internet Guide to Power Retention

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It’s everybody's dream to rule a repressive state, but how can this be done in the digital era? This 20-minute presentation focuses on all the best tips and tricks for keeping control of your population using the Internet. It's an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide highlighting all the best practices of what dictators should do in difficult situations. It will accompany you in the obliteration of political dissidence. By having everyone agree with you, or having people believe that everyone else agrees with you, your stay at the top will be long and prosperous.

How can your government circumvent security? How can it kill anonymity? What are the best tricks for harvesting your citizens’ data? Which technologies should you stay away from, and which ones should you adopt? All of these questions will be answered, and many more!

Hard copies of the guide will be available too.


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