The Secret Project

The Secret Project (1999) is a dance-theatre production, presented at the Evening of ... Sara Diamond.

The SECRET PROJECT is a Dance-Theatre production by half/angel using new interactive technologies and co-produced by Firkin Crane Cork and the Banff Centre for the Arts Canada. These technologies include motion-sensing systems which connect movement with sound, text and video. THE SECRET PROJECT is about the idea of the secret, personal, cultural, political and Irish. Performers use their voices in singing and text work, as well as their bodies in choreography/performance.

A performance of corporeal confusions, The Secret Project wishes to uncover and discover secrets of desire and technology... Performed by three dancers, Richard Povall, Jools Gilson Ellis and technology, the secrecy of technology is probed. Using "BigEye" - motion capture software developed by Steim, motion is (re)mixed in a collision between analog voice, utterance and presence and the digital timing of the machine - "How do secrets, French, Irish and feminine, particularly those of desire and the body, blend into a performative tool?"


"All of the senses were invoked not through a barrage of sound and images, but by, for example, allowing us to sit in darkness just listening to text, the odd light ocasionally brightening to reveal a dancer in a pose...Merging live spoken text and recorded fragments triggered by the movements of the dancers, provided an ever changing texture to the movement, the spoken texts complete with breath and gasps, like an improvised solo over the bass'n'drums of the recorded snippets." - Michael Seaver (The Irish Times (6/11/99)

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