Transfiguration is a work by Agatha Haines.


Agatha Haines: Transfiguration

The human body consists of practicable elements that can be easily manipulated and engineered. Through surgical procedures our bodies can be stretched, shifted and sewn, yet still be functional. What then would stop us searching for a higher level of function than we have now? Especially if it may have the potential to benefit the younger, more vulnerable and more malleable generation.

In our modern view of the digitalized, airbrushed, preserved, regimented and perfect body, we are clearly easily editable objects with the possibility to view ourselves as a system of interchangeable parts. Our bodies are already manufactured constructs which
we fret overYet with the opportunity to improve and create new parts, we could have the power to design our bodies for different functions and purposes.

The project consists of five babies each with a different body modification that has been surgically implemented to benefit the child. Each modification is put in place to solve a potential future problem for the baby, ranging from medical issues to environmental issues to social mobility issues. ‘How far might parents go to give their child an advantage?’ And also in the potential future of body modification ‘what is a valid enough reason to change our bodies?’

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