Audio-compilation from the 3Dimension Expo, released in 1985.


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A cassette and a booklet were made as a report of the 3Dimension Expo, which took place at V2 during three weeks in 1985, and which consisted of concerts, performances, installations, and actions.

The booklet contained photographs of all the participants from the audio part (Laibach, Wikke t'Hooft, Ret Marut, Ad van Iersel, Demogorgon, 6e Kolonne, Ad van Buuren, Cas de Marez and Strafe für Rebellion) as well the participating visual artists Koen De Keyzer, Annemie Van Kerckhoven, Danny Devos, and Jon De Jong.

The cassette is a type Cr02 C90 and contains live recordings at V2, if not mentioned otherwise:

A1           Laibach - Nova Akropola, June 28, 1985.
               Note: The entire concert is released on V205.

A2           Wikke 't Hooft - 8 snaren & 4 strijkers, June 22, 1985,
               played by Ada, Bart, Rien and Jules.

A3           Red Marut - Ego-stealing in 13 inches, recorded in the Jazzbunker,
               Rotterdam, May 30, 1985, and played by Matz Decay, Jola Meijer,
               Rob and Henk Van Schaik.

A4 & A5   Ad van Iersel - Improvisation I + II, June 22, 1985.

A6 & B1   Demogorgon - Revisited I+II, recorded at Revista Sound Studio,
               Rotterdam, May 27, 1985.

B2           6e Kolonne, July 6, 1985.

B3           Ad van Buuren - De Zee / The sea, recorded in a private studio, a shortened stereo-mix of Octophony.
               This was played in V2, on June 22, 1985, on a sound system using eight loudspeakers.

B4           Cas de Marez - voice improvisation, recorded live.

B5           Strafe für Rebellion, recorded for the sound installation that was exhibited during the 3Dimension Expo.


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