"Witness to Disaster" by Eric Lunde, released as LP and cassette, 1992.


LP cover, one side

The Witness to Disaster

..witness to transparency, gradual erosion of ground, distance, self, even: the body.
information is banal meaning, noise is excessive, pure information.

the erosion of body, a world "too close", of geography, does not result in a global village (don't think of endless festivals, only a festival of banality) but a global resurfacing, a flat, asphalt sphere weaved throughout by the nerves and spine of beings.

the body, the self, the being, reduced to noise.

by accelerating these conditions, by becoming transparent, the cyclotron of information could itself be forced into mechanical failure and collapse.

this is a recommendation.

otherwise, hold on: the cyclotron, the very temple of information, is allready overworking itself..

it's only a matter of time.

from the fax send by Eric Lunde in 1989 to V2_ for the Manifestation (Tele)communication in Art

Eric Lunde Witness to Disaster, LP - side 1 contains live recordings made at V2 in 1989, side 2 contains the soundtrack of the video with the same title (V2V04); also released as Cassette V215/C12, 1992.

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