The Haters "The Totimorphous," CD, 1992.


CD cover layout

CD featuring a series of 16 noise collages. Each individual piece made from the sounds of things falling apart; some being partly or completely silent. Some of the gaps between the pieces are silent, while others are of noise. So while some pieces of silence are interrupted by gaps of noise and some pieces of noise are interrupted by gaps of silence, other pieces of noise are followed by gaps of more noise and other pieces of silence are followed by gaps of more silence. The theme being the role that uncertainty plays in knowledge.

from: http://noise.jupitter-larsen.com/

CD comes in a jewel-case with a 12-page booklet.


Vantage Point
Pulsation of Explosion   
Violence, the Liberation of Energy   
Exceedingly Corrosive   
Wind Denies Stale Air
Characteristic Condition
Changing & Fading   
Briefest of Black & Black   
Slight Separation     
Outwards Again     
Neither Larger Nor   
Reflect, Arriving to a Conclusion
House of Logic     
Construction as This   
Structure as Designations
The Potential of Occurrence

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