"Shake, Rattle, Roll / Degenerates in Dreamland", two radioplays by Gregory Whitehead, 1995.


CD cover

CD with booklet printed on black-and-white illustrated sheets with text printed on translucent sheets. 

A personal history inscribed in a technical history. As Whitehead describes it, The strange and inescapable desire to electrocute myself, under the delusion that I will then somehow be able to fly. Brainwaves and radiowaves: magnetic dreams. BUT: the con/current fear of the CRASH, "ending up in a burn unit. Radio as a sensual seduction and political provocation. Radio as a theater of ideas.

The CD contains 30 tracks, transcribed in the booklet. Based on two radio play, one of which the 1993 radio play manifesto, commissioned by the New American Radio: http://www.ubu.com/sound/whitehead.html

The illustrations of the booklet are based on the artwork by Patrice Caire, C.A.I.R.E. '93.

Shake, Rattle, Roll won the 1993 Prix Futura Berlin.

Directed by, voice, narrator: Gregory Whitehead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregory_Whitehead

Design: Joke Brouwer; Produced for V2.

Sold Out.

© 1995 V2_Archief

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