"just about now", CD based on a sound exhibition with Frans de Waard, Carsten Nikolai, Ryoji Ikeda, Peter Duimelinks, Francisco Lopéz, Roel Meelkop, 1998.


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The first edition of just about now (the second is V230 from 2000) contains tracks from the sound exhibition, organised by Roel Meelkoop in 'Villa Alckmaer' in Rotterdam, April/May 1998.


1. Frans de Waard Meterkast          
2. Carsten Nicolai POL .Motor        
3. Carsten Nicolai .Test        
4. Carsten Nicolai .Versuch        
5. Carsten Nicolai .Anordnung        
6. Carsten Nicolai .Variation        
7. Carsten Nicolai .Modell        
8. Ryoji Ikeda [0(zero)degrees] installation        
9. Peter Duimelinks [m³]        
10. Francisco López Untitled #78        
11. Roel Meelkop 1(HOME HERE)

This CD was made possible with the financial support of the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam.

© V2_Archief 1998

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