"Buildings [New York]" by Francisco Lopéz, is a work about the inner sound environments of New York's buildings, 2001.


CD cover

An immersion into the sonic matter from inner sound environments of buildings in New York. Wires, cables, gears, pipes, air ducts, boilers, clocks, LED's, thermostats, computers, video cameras.. a community of fragmented robots, machines that breath, roar, hum, rattle, beep, crackle.. a city from the inside, an unconscious futurist paradise. And above all, a tour de force of profound listening.

Through the sounds have been gathered from individual buildings, the net effect is of being in the urban Ur-Bau, the dynamo at the city's heart. Meaning not just the city but The City. (Evan Eisenberg)

[from the CD booklet]

© 2001 V2_Archief / Francisco Lopéz

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