V2_OS is a open source operating system, created by V2_Lab in 1999.



V2_OS is a open source operating system, created by V2_Lab, International Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Since V2_Lab released the source code to the kernel and modules, a lot of developers from all over the world are working with it, and help to make V2_OS grow.

V2_OS is the fastest operating system available for the 386+ PC. Everything in this system is focused on speed: the architecture, the file system, its avoidance of virtualization... and of course, the choice of development language: V2_OS is written in 100% pure 32 bit assembler.


To make a V2_OS boot floppy from DOS, you need: boot.v2s; system16.v2s; system32.v2s and writeos.exe. Just put these files in a directory; place a emtpy 1.44meg floppy in a: and run writeos.exe.

Download the V2_OS zip-file (contains boot.v2s; system16.v2s; system32.v2s and writeos.exe), 27k

Download developer tools.

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