VOID: a stereo endoscopy into a black-box

"VOID: a stereo endoscopy into a black-box" is a work by Sandro Canavezzi de Abreu.

VOID: a stereo endoscopy into a black-box

VOID; photo: Jan Sprij

In the installation VOID, the public observes the contents of a 'black box' (actually, a mirrored acrylic sphere into which a virtual cube is internally projected), in which sounds are fused and inextricably blended with real and virtual images, giving rise to an unstable and inhospitable internal reality. 

The interactive installation VOID has evolved from a prototype of a physical interface called M(n)EMO, which Canavezzi devised within his 2002 residency at Podewil in Berlin. The user interacts with a closed sphere, whose interior can be "visited" by a prosthesis. This "prosthesis," which is equipped with a stereoscopic camera, a light source and a microphone, can move around the sphere and collect data. The audio and visual information resulting from the user's path through this sphere is processed and emitted in the space.

As the sphere's internal surface is a mirror, the images produced prove to be paradoxical and disconcerting. Also, thanks to glasses adapted for a stereoscopic projection, users believe they see three-dimensional objects that really don't exist at all. In this installation, users are invited to occupy an inaccessible space and come to realize that the space is an instrument for creating visuals and sound. This self-reflective device helps users analyze their observational situation and recognize that the interface itself is generating meaning.

The work won the Rumos Itaú Cultural Cybernetic Art award in 2007.

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