WebPage Act I, II and III

WebPage Act I, II and III (2016) is a work by Joana Chicau.

Choreography as a tool for a wider conceptual, perceptual, experimental view of code for graphic design.
Choreography as way to rethink space, time, and composition structures in web environments.
Choreography as a rule-finding/rule-escaping practice.
Choreography as an instrument for questioning the conditions, protocols and procedures of composition processes in design.
Choreography as a counter-move, a counter-apparatus, force reverted.

Choreographing design started as a cross-referencing of composition methods, with the aim to transcend the boundaries between the fields of choreography and graphic design. This research led to her project: an assemblage of graphic experiments in a live performance setting combining principles of choreography with the formal structures of coding.

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