"WWWonopo.ly" (2012) is a re-vamped game by Fako Berkers.


prototype picture

WWWonopo.ly is a mostly analogue game based on the classic board game Monopoly. All the streets in the original game have been replaced with Internet platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. A player who draws a 'chance' or 'community chest' card during the game scans it, just as one might scan any contactless smart card such as those used for public transportation. The screen near the game board then displays the text on the card (a humorous anecdote about online privacy) as well as a website with the news item upon which the anecdote was based. The game's website visits are of course tracked by various companies, just as everyone’s website visits are tracked. At the end of the game, the system generates a print-out listing the companies which have been tracking the game.

People enjoy social media, without properly assessing the risks involved. WWWonopo.ly aims to make these risks visible and tangible, in a way that is playful and humorous as well as confronting.


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