V2_ organizes public programs ranging from exhibitions to workshopspresentations, and community events. These V2_events showcase the most exciting developments in the field of art and technology, present V2_'s research and development, and function as a platform for debate. V2_'s events offer artists opportunities to present new work to our audience and to exchange ideas with other artists, researchers and technicians. Besides events that take place at V2_'s venue in Rotterdam, V2_ also organizes events at parter institutes and participates in international festivals and symposiums.


Upcoming events

Oct 2018
Mar 2019

Speculative Design Archive

The physical video archive of V2_ (about 1200 video tapes from the period 1981 – 2007) is part of the Speculative Design Archive exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Jan 2019

WebAudio Meetup

A meetup for everyone interested in audio in the browser.

Jan 2019

Effective Altruism Meetup @ V2_

Effective altruism is about answering one simple question: how can we use our resources to help others the most?

Past events

Dec 2018

3x3: Coralie Vogelaar III

Coralie Vogelaar will create three new experiments in our 3x3 series. This is the third experiment.

Dec 2018

Evening of the Black Box Business

A performative evening about commerce in the digital age. V2_ fellows and guests address the growing set of concerns about what goes on inside the black box, who has access to it, and which intentions it serves.

Nov 2018

Media Art Meetup (1/4) - Introduction to Art & Media technology

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media hosts a crash course in the field of Art & Media Technology. Four meetups give a comprehensive overview of the field; its history, the current themes and issues, and possible future developments.

Nov 2018

Test_Lab: Artists on AI

Test_Lab: Artists on AI will showcase artistic research by artists and designers who are collaborating with V2_Lab on projects involving artificial intelligence and behavior.

Nov 2018

3x3: Coralie Vogelaar II - What can we learn from computer vision?

Coralie Vogelaar will create three new experiments in our 3x3 series. This is the second experiment.

Oct 2018
Nov 2018

Workshop SpDi - a tool for spatial visual installations

Rnul and V2_Lab have developed a tool for spatial visual installations: SpDi. In this workshop you will learn the basics of SpDi, and how you can use it to realize your ideas about interaction.

Oct 2018

Klankvorm #7

Klankvorm returns to V2_ for it's seventh edition.

Oct 2018

Radical Technologies - with Adam Greenfield

V2_ is proud to partner with De Dépendance for a lecture and public debate on leading technology thinker Adam Greenfield's latest book 'Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life'. The evening will take place at Roodkapje Rotterdam.

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A full overview of past events is available in the Archive.

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