V2_ events during 1991

Feb 1991

Canary Grand Band

A concert by Paul Panhuysen for four canaries and electronics.

Feb 1991

VOX Festival

In the context of the VOX festival, V2 presented a concert by Paul Panhuysen and a lecture by Dorothea Franck.

Jun 1991

Kontakta, Sherriff, Azzaria

Concerts by Kontakta from Germany and the Canadian musicians Shérriff and Azzaria.

Jul 1991

Static Transit / Optic Nerves

Static Transit / Optic Nerves was 'performed' in July 1991.

Sep 1991

Open day V2_, V2_Archief, V2_ Audiovisual

In 1991, V2_'s focus shifted from the presentation of media art in its own space to the presentation of V2_ itself as an organization and a production and distribution center for media art

Oct 1991
Oct 1991

F.L.E.A. Festival

The F.L.E.A. Festival was an international audio festival, organized at four locations: Fletch Bizzel, Dortmund (D), Logos, Ghent (B), Experimental Intermedia, New York (USA) and the Apollohuis, Eindhoven (NL).

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