Archive Inventories

A workshop on archiving, photography and copyright.

Archive Inventories

detail of the booklet, published in the fall of 2001

Sep 2001
10:00 to 17:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

In September 2001, representatives of V2_Archive, the Dutch Photo Institute (NFI), the Netherlands Photo Archives (NFA) and the Nationaal FotoRestauratie Atelier (NFrA) have held an internal meeting where possible exchange of data between their archives was discussed.

Soon it appeared that sound and tight arrangements for copyright issues are of foremost importance in order to be able to let such a project succeed - it should be made very clear in which contexts certain data can be used, and where not.

A large part of the meeting was dedicated to the discussion of copyright issues. Next, a few existing initiatives in the field of archival interoperability were summed up and described, and the different partners expressed their interest and specific wishes in the context of an archival exchange experiment. 



Nederlands Foto Instituut

Nederlands Fotoarchief




Open Archives Initiative

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