Community MeetUps

Meet, drink, chat, and (re)connect with old and new friends of V2_.

The Community Meetups offer the community of artists, designers, hackers, creators, theorists, students, academics – and anyone else who's interested in exploring technology and all of its issues – a chance to meet, drink and chat in an informal setting. They are an occasion to (re)connect with all old and new friends of V2_.

In most cases there are one or more informal presentations, and there is an open mic available in case anyone would like to present their work or address the community.

If you have any ideas for smaller projects, activities, workshops et cetera that they would like to realize at V2_, please contact alex.falk@v2.nl.

May 2016

V2_Community invites Roodkapje

V2_Community invites Roodkapje: Reality✓Check. This event features a lecturama, a perfomance and a dinner.

Jul 2015

Community Meetup & Drinks Summer Edition

On the 16th of July we are back with another Community Meetup & Drinks on the groundfloor of V2_. Time to (re)connect with all old and new friends of V2_ to meet, chat, drink and connect in an informal setting.

Sep 2016

Book Launch "Wat is Community Art?" & V2_Community MeetUp and Drinks

A special edition of our Community MeetUp with a presentation of the book "Wat is Community Art?"

Jun 2016

Community Meat Up

On Friday June 10 V2_ will host the ‘Community Meat Up’. A special edition of our 'Community Meet Up'. During this event we will present work from Isaac Monté, Emilie van Spronsen, Mandy den Elzen, Marloes Haarmans and The Kitchen of the ...

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