Kontakta, Shérriff, Azzaria

Concerts by Kontakta from Germany and the Canadian musicians Shérriff and Azzaria.

Kontakta, Shérriff, Azzaria

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Jun 1991
21:00 to 23:55

Concerts by the German group Kontakta, and a conceptual music performancy by Y. Shérriff and G. Azzaria. They used the old medium of the LP-record in a new way, which referred to the reproducable character of the medium.

On Kontakta, the blog Mutant-Sounds wrote:

"Featuring a line-up that some 17 years on reads like a who's who of the Cologne experimental electronic and electronica scene, this early aggregate featured the combined talents of Markus Schmickler (Pluramon, Wabi Sabi etc.), Sonig label avant gardists Hajsch and C-Schulz, Entenpfuhl label experimental electronic meisters Frank Dommert and Monika Westphal (who records as PFN) and A-Musik label/distribution head Georg Odijk. But what about the music? Drop dead stunning, and a clear roadmap for where this mob would be sonically heading in the coming years, perhaps most specifically for Schmickler. Comprising one vast and amorphous slab of approximately 38 minutes, the profoundly transportive and eerie ambience engendered stealthily evolves through veils of occult atmospherics ala Japanese psychedelic improv mystery movers Toho Sara before wandering into a fathoms deep tidal pool of isolationist atmospherics. Essential." (http://mutant-sounds.blogspot.com/2009/08/kontakta-st-cd-1992-germany.html)

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