DEAF & TodaysArt: Opening Night

The DEAF2012 PERFORMANCE kick-off on the 16th of May is all about displaying diverse and extraordinary artists.

May 2012
May 2012
22:00 to 03:00
location: event picture by Jan Sprij

Coco Bryce, Ruwe Data and Tomlaan will force you to move your feet to outstanding rhythmic structures consisting of excellent beats and heavy bass. The venue will be drenched in audiovisual beauty by Noorderlicht010.

DEAF and TodaysArt are proud to continue and expand their tradition of exchanging programs and ideas during the return of DEAF in 2012. For the opening night on Wednesday the 16th of May and the closing night on Saturday the 19th of May DEAF collaborated with TodaysArt Sessions to bring you an excellent program consisting of music and audiovisual performances.



Coco Bryce

Ruwe Data


Noorderlicht010 (Visuals)


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