DEAF2012 Video Presentations

Come and have a look at the video presentation of the AV3 (Audio Visual) student team from Willem de Kooning Academy. They have made wicked short documentary's and motion graphics during the DEAF2012 Festival.

Jun 2012
20:00 to 22:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam


Bart Kalkman: DEAF Festival 2012 Animation: The Power of Things (Made in MSPaint)

Abel van der Drift and Mark Bouwman: Interview with Julian Oliver

Yun-Feng Fu, Jelle ’t Hart and Evie Hoonings: DEAF2012 Promo + Promo Wearable Technology + Interview with Bernard Foing 

Michel van der Burg and Sophie den Hartog: Compilation of DEAF2012 Recordings + Promo for Party in WORM + Evening of ... + Intro program DEAF2012. 

Tim van Helsdingen, Sjors Gerearts and John Lanser: Leader NANO supermarket + Compilation of DEAF2012 Recordings.

Dana Verbaan and Maite Klis: Registration Workshop Augmented Society (a movie about AR) + Terra Nova (a movie about the performance by Crew). 

Jelke Landman, Christiaan Kanis and Paul van Rijckevorsel: Interview with Philip Beesley

Entrance is free so bring your friends and join us for an easy going evening!


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