DEAF95 World Wide Web

Exhibition of four WWW-projects, part of DEAF95.

DEAF95 World Wide Web


Nov 1995
Nov 1995
10:00 to 23:00
location: Lantaren foyer

DEAF95 presented four selected web sites that were closely linked to the central themes of the festival in terms of interface design and thematic content. The four projects were Idea Futures (Mark Hanson), The Electronic Brain (Future Sound of London), Molecular Clinic 1.0 (Seiko Mikami) and Technosphere (Jane Prophet, UK).

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Idea Futures

"Idea Futures" by Robin Hanson is a collection of ideas in the WWW, a betting market on important ...

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The DEAF95 "cybercafe".

DEAF95 Exhibition Nov 21, 1995 01:00 PM

Exhibition of (interactive) artworks, part of DEAF95.

DEAF95 Interfacing Realities Reader

Reader for Interfacing Realities, the 1995 Dutch Electronic Art Festival.

Molecular Clinic 1.0

"Molecular Clinic 1.0" (1995-1996) is a web project by Seiko Mikami.

The Electronic Brain

A WWW project by the Future Sound of London, presented at DEAF95, by the developer Jeremy Quinn.


A virtual world inhabited by user generated artificial life forms. The project was launched as a ...

DEAF95 - Interfacing Realities Nov 21, 1995

DEAF95 Dutch Electronic Art Festival - Interfacing Realities

Wiretap 1.11 - World Wide Web at DEAF95 Nov 26, 1995 01:00 PM

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"Crossings" (1995), a project about landscape architecture, using Virtual Reality and the Internet, ...

Mark Pesce

Mark Pesce (US) is a media artist, writer, researcher, who co-invented VRML.

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With presentations by Heath Bunting (GB) and Jane Prophet (GB) with her project "TechnoSphere."

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