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The Art of the Accident

Collection of essays stating that the concept of “accident” contains not just the idea that ...

Andreas Ruby

Andreas Ruby (DE) is an architecture critic and principal of Textbild.

Marcos Novak

Marcos Novak (VE/US) is a transarchitect.

Bart Lootsma

Bart Lootsma (NL) is a curator and theorist.

Edouard Bannwart

Edouard Bannwart (DE) (1943-2007) is an architect, urban planner and VR pioneer.

Perry Hoberman

Perry Hoberman (US) is an installation artist.

Brian Massumi

Brian Massumi's (US/CA) interdisciplinary work focuses on perception, affect and the virtual.

knowbotic research

knowbotic research sees the transformation of the public sphere as ongoing process.

TransUrbanism Nov 29, 2001 10:30 AM

A symposium delving on the new 'atmospheric phase' of the cities where its substance is not only ...

Otto E. Rössler

For Otto E. Rössler (DE), an endophysicist, the Now is pure interface. The world is pure ...

Paul Virilio

Paul Virilio (FR) is an essayist, philosopher and media critic - with a special interest in ...

Steve Mann

Steve Mann (CA) is a cyborg activist and inventor.

DEAF98 - The Art of the Accident Nov 17, 1998

DEAF98 Dutch Electronic Art Festival - The Art of the Accident


Authors List V2_Publishing.

Katherine Hayles

N. Katherine Hayles (US) is a postmodern literary critic, combining scientific insights from chaos ...

Timothy Druckrey

Timothy Druckrey (US) is an independent curator, critic and writer.

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