DEAF_00 Digital Dive

Online Archives - Media, Interfaces, Publics were the topics in The Digital Dive, the DEAF00 online presentation space.

DEAF_00 Digital Dive

Eric Kluitenberg

Nov 2000
Nov 2000
12:00 to 21:00
location: Café de Unie

The Digital Dive was the DEAF 2000 online presentation space. Besides a number of online computers for free Internet usage by festival visitors and participants, the Digital Dive presented a series of projects that dealt with the topic of Online Archives. On 15 and 17 November, the Digital Dive housed an expert meeting about this topic, as well as an introductory public presentation and a closing public debate. The Digital Dive also presented Internet projects that address questions of presence, participation and co-operation online, and reflected on the 'realtime memorisation' of the future of our cultural heritage. The Digital Dive was opened daily from 10:00 till 24:00 (Saturday 18 November till 18:00, Sunday 19 November till 20:00).

The Digital Dive workshop about online archives started with an introductory public presentation by Thomax Kaulmann, Jennifer Crowe and the Flusser Audio Archiv; moderated by Erik Kluitenberg, who also presented the final results of the workshop to the public.

"The parallel developments of an immense and uncoordinated increase in online material on the one hand, and the volatile nature of that material on the other, have spurred the development of content portals and online archives which seek to structure and maintain the available cultural productions. Audio and video streaming technology, together with the ubiquity of computing devices and the emergence of translocal, networked collaboration initiatives, are the breeding ground for extensive live-netcasting and instant archiving activities."

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