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Marshall Weber

Marshall Weber (US) is an interdisciplinary artist know for his public performance/installation ...

The United States of Americana May 15, 1992

"The United States of Americana" is an exhibition by Marshall Weber (1992).

San Francisco Festival May 09, 1992

A three-week long festival in four locations in the Netherlands with seven US artists from the Bay ...

Manhole May 16, 1992

A performance by Aaron Noble, during the "San Francisco Festival."

San Francisco Festival Videos May 09, 1992

Video program, part of the "San Francisco Festival."

Regression 500

A performance by Guadalupe García, held during the "San Francisco Festival."

Denis Beaubois

Denis Beaubois (AU) is a conceptual and video artist.

F.L.E.A. Festival Oct 10, 1991

The F.L.E.A. Festival was an international audio festival, organized at four locations: Fletch ...

Edwin van der Heide

Edwin van der Heide (NL) is a Dutch composer, performer and instrument builder.

Matt Heckert

Matt Heckert (US) is a performance and sound artist.

Keith Cottingham

Keith Cottingham (US) is a photographer.

Roy Ascott

Roy Ascott (UK) is a pioneer of cybernetics and telematics in art.

Jill Scott

Jill Scott (AU/DE) is a video and performance artist.

Judith Blankman

Judith Blankman (US) works with sculpture and site-responsive installations.

Xiaowen Zhu / 朱晓闻

Xiaowen Zhu (CN) is a video artist.

Seiji Shimoda

Seiji Shimoda (JP) is a performance artist.

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